The Iraqi Institute for Development works to improve the quality of education in Iraq through the implementation of various programs in this field. The institute focuses on providing support to students and schools in areas that are affected by difficult conditions, such as displacement and armed conflicts. The educational programs offered by the institute include enhancing the capabilities of teachers and providing necessary educational materials to schools.

Additionally, the institute works to promote women's education and encourages girls to study and obtain the necessary qualifications to enter the job market. The institute provides support to women's schools and implements special programs to teach girls different skills. The institute's team visits schools and communities to evaluate their educational needs and provide necessary support. The institute also provides psychological and social support to children who are affected by the consequences of armed conflicts and displacement.

The Iraqi Institute for Development is one of the leading non-governmental organizations working in the field of education in Iraq, where the institute utilizes modern techniques to improve the quality of education and achieve its objectives. The institute relies on community partnerships and cooperation with local and international organizations to achieve its goals. Additionally, the institute works to raise awareness among parents about the importance of education and encourages them to send their children to school. The institute provides educational programs for children who have been affected by psychological illnesses or whose lives have been impacted by wars and displacement.